In what format is appropriate to send documentation for embroidery? 
The background is the best email to the curves (Corel, .cdr, .eps, Illustrator, .ai) or a possible resolution "bitmaps“ (.jpg, .bmp,. tif, .gif, .pdf, .pdp, .pds …)

How best to treat bathrobes or towels with Velur side?
- before washing do not steep  
- wash for the recommended temperature
- before washing your bathrobe Velur side to reverse side
- dry on the air
- ironing is not recommended for velur side - there is a confinement of loops
- possible extraction loops do not exctract, but simply cut off

Produce special loops on towels with our logo?
labels are already made and sew in the manufacture and therefore there is extend the delivery date possible. Additional tufted of labels do not recommend! Ripping the original and new tufted label guarantee any subsequent release in the periphery of terry yarn.

How best to wash terry?
The first few cycles, we recommend washing wash color separation without fabric conditioners. The pleasant feeling of touch increases the drying ...

Do you have color in my award?
Enter your request to us in any color observations (RAL, Pantone, ...) or a piece of linen in the color requested and we will deliver terry in an approved color.